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Weekly Lunch Seminar

Mondays, 12h-14h, VUB, ETRO, room Ke 2.24 .

Past events

Workshop on Sparsity

Interdisciplinary Workshop on Sparsity and Modern Mathematical Methods for High Dimensional Data, April 6--10, 2010, Brussels, Belgium. Link


Christine De Mol (ULB Math/Ecares and VUB CAMP), "Catching features with a lasso or an elastic net?", Monday February 22, 2010, 16h00, in: 6G324, VUB, Brussels, Belgium.
I will describe feature selection methods based on penalized regression, and in particular the "lasso" (L1 penalty) and the "elastic net" (combined L1 and L2 penalty). I will summarize the theoretical background in the framework of learning theory and focus on two specific applications: face detection in computer vision and gene selection in bioinformatics.

International Francqui Chair 2009-2010

1/1/2010-30/6/2010. Link. Slides of the inaugural lecture are here.

Workgroup on seismic tomography and wavelets

Tuesdays, 16h, VUB, G.6.323


Johann Briffa, "'Insertion/Deletion' correcting codes", Monday February 15, 2010, 16h00, in: Marconi room, PL9, VUB, Brussels, Belgium. Link

Workgroup on optimization

02/03/2009, 10h, ULB, Salle Debever
04/02/2009, 14h, ULB, Salle Debever
19/01/2009, 14h, ULB, Salle Debever
08/12/2008, 14h, ULB, Salle Debever
24/11/2008, 14h, ULB, Salle Debever

Solvay Workshop on "Sparsity, learning and computation"

12-13-14/02/2009, ULB-Campus Plaine-NO-Salle Solvay. Webpage | Add to your Google calendar | iCal file

Public lecture

Tuesday 13/1/2008, 9h, VUB, Marconi room (Pleinlaan 9):
Dr. M. Fornasier (RICAM, Linz):
"A comparison of joint sparsity and total variation minimization algorithms in a real-life art restoration problem"

GOA kick-off event

30-31/05/2008, VUB, 10F734